Time Flies !!

It sure does..it only seems like yesterday when I began  my journey in the corporate world. I was this earnest, idealist who thought she could make a difference at the workplace with her enthusiasm and the zeal to implement fresh ideas 🙄 I was in for a real reality check when my boss who hired me packaged my ideas and shared them as his own !! I was just too trusting, foolish and too raw. T I had this nightmare of a male chauvinist as a manager whom I had no clue how to deal with, had I encountered him today he would get a good piece of my mind….When I look back at that first year I know it was a recipe for disaster !! Yet all I have is gratitude ..Yes gratitude cause such experiences in the very first year of my work life taught me valuable lessons for life.. Lessons which I hope shall stay with me for a long time.. Three years down I am still no pro at handling people at the workplace , there are still times when I can be very naive at handling issues..but I am a lot wiser from where I stood three years back. I can at least take up for myself if nothing else and no longer trust people blindly. Back then I was forever moping and wallowing in self-pity and even considered running away from my job never to come back if I couldn’t handle things at work, ( I am essentially an escapist..if I feel things are getting out of hand I start looking for an escape route.If  I can’t fled physically then I do so mentally !!) Today  I am not quite there yet a lot more stable and less nervy  yet the irrepressible desire for change and running away  still come naturally to me.. It’s just that now I’ve learnt to temper down the urge to do so 😉

4 thoughts on “Time Flies !!

  1. oh I hv just finished 1.5 yrs in this company and I feel like an escapist everyday..it sucks and I feel like running away everyday never to return 😉

    yes, as u said..these are life’s lessons to bea learnt…

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