Excesses Of The Gastronomic Kind

The Indian obsession with food( especially the rich,sinful variety) is no secret. At times it appears to me we Indians live to eat rather than the other way round. Our entry into the world is celebrated with our parents feeding  all and sundry… For that matter every occasion revolves around gastronomic delights that are dished out to feed relatives ( who would crib about the food come what may !! )Celebrations and rich, sinfully oily food are almost synonymous. Planning for a wedding always starts with planning the menu first ..The bigger and more varied the fare the better it is . It doesn’t end at that… many men still choose a wife based on her culinary skills and her ability to churn out fancy meals to impress his peers and bosses  !! ( Thank god lesser mortals like me who can barely rustle up a meal  also manage to settle down mercifully :wink:)  The love affair with spices,curries and condiments doesn’t end here,stereotypical Indian mothers ( especially in the northern part of the country ) shower affection on their already well fed children by making them gorge on all kinds of  fancy fare..We show how hospitable or welcoming we are by force-feeding our guests. Among Punjabis it is customary for a host to stuff a visitor’s plate  even if he shakes his head vehemently and refuses to being served further 🙄 I am quite a foodie myself and have a sweet tooth which I have a hard time containing..but still the Indian love affair with never ceases to amuse me.. But I’ve come to realise that this preoccupation is quite an essential part of what defines being Indian 🙂

5 thoughts on “Excesses Of The Gastronomic Kind

  1. Ha ha u bet 🙂
    lol @ force-feeding guests, but thatz hw we r know 😉
    We visited one of our relatives after a long time and she served atleast 15 varieties probably. And when we nodded our head saying ‘No’ for more of them, she kept asking whether we did nt like the food 😉 Nw, to prove that we indeed liked all that she had made, we had to eat more and more … and the after-effects! I won’t tell u abt them lest u drive me away from this space 😯

    😆 Swaram I can quite visualise the after effects

  2. and who can forget the talks while this food encounters… she makes such wonderful things.., her husband helps in the kitchen… how lucky !! , her DIL is so sweet and homely….. !!!, wht pretty saree…. grrrrrrrrr

    I wanna see a grown up world, am tired of all this 😛

  3. dnt know when we will talk more about global warming than about the heated saas bahu talks… more about Teach India Program than cricket…. more about kids than stupid managers in the office…
    Am I being too cynical !?! 😦

    LOI : No ur not being cynical girl..ur being rather realistic in your assessment.. I agree we need to focus on what’s important rather than the trivia we focus on !!

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