We all but wear a mask to fool the world around us

Cause we treat life like a race and push ourselves

So that we don’t miss the bus

We don plastic smiles and feign attention

We conceal our anger as wee seethe within

We hide our tears and deny our fears

We were told they aren’t supposed to show

Don’t be a weakling if you want to grow

The trouble will really start

When you can’t tell them apart

There isn’t much left to ask

When the real me becomes a mere shadow

and you become the mask…..

9 thoughts on “Appearances…

  1. This is wonderful and true to every word. ‘When the real me becomes a mere shadow/and you become the mask’ Real beauty of words! This is the best line of the poem. I would like to borrow this line from you 🙂 Allow me.

    Thank you so much Ajay !! Sure you may borrow it with a trackback…

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