This is pure mockery

So finally SPS Rathore goes to jail for molesting a 14-year-old girl and driving her to suicide. Can a mere 18 months of  jail make up for the loss of  young promising life? It seems women’s laws have  been framed just for the heck of it. The other day I was watching this Television show where the host pointed out that a man charges for throwing acid at a woman is sentenced to only 5 years of imprisonment. You destroy a woman’s self-image and esteem and get away like that easily !! All of us know what a facade the antiquated rape laws are in the country.. A man can defile a woman’s soul and the court might suggest he marries the victim or get away with a few years of imprisonment. !! The judiciary needs to wake up from it slumber and revisit these archaic laws framed aeons ago.. Women have a right to live a life of freedom and dignity it’s time our law makers woke up to this fact and took actions to frame more stringent laws.

5 thoughts on “This is pure mockery

  1. I am fuming since sday! That $^&% fella does not even hv a conscience to hurt him! And what does the law do? 6 mths-1.5 yrs .. so that he cn get out and molest some more!!!!!!!

    P.S I luv ur header 🙂

    Absolutely Swaram !!

    Thanks ( for the header ) :)?

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