Are You In the driver’s seat ?

Why are we so jittery  to be in the driver’s seat as far driving our own lives is concerned?? I’ve observed this quite often when it comes to doling out advice to a friend, playing agony aunt to someone most  of us do a darned good job of it and end up handing out the most sensible advice possible.. But when it comes to taking charge of our own lives, we feel helpless and end up looking at others to hold the mirror to us and give us an opinion. Why don’t we empower ourselves to take charge of our lives, steer it in the direction we so wish to ?? Is it because we lack the objectivity to see things as they are when it comes to ourselves ? Or is it simply because we lack the insight to practice what we preach with aplomb ? I have seen people who can’t handle their own relationships sometimes give the most profound and practical relationship advice !!

I am trying to figure out why this happens? As always,any help would be welcome

2 thoughts on “Are You In the driver’s seat ?

  1. Oh u r so rt! Wonder hw u cn put such feelings in words so well.
    I ws just delivering so many sermons to the sister sday and ws wondering if I really follow them all … its so easy to preach no? Wish I hd an answer to that y 😦 May be the heart takes over the mind? The emotional over the logical?

    I quite agree Swaram it really does have to do with the heart taking over the mind perhaps..Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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