Ask Me No Further

Either I am so out of sync with the times today or I am too much of a prude. Now how I arrived at this conclusion ( I keep arriving at it now and then ) isn’t too long a story . Last week I caught up with a friend from college for a cup of coffee at Barista. She’s been married for almost a year so much of our conversation revolved around marriage, in-laws, squabbles with the spouse and suddenly out of the blue she shoots : So how’s your sex life going ? Ahem I almost choked over my ice tea and mumbled something incoherent and non committal. Luckily, she did not pause and probe some more and went on to talk about hers . And then the other day another friend calls and tells me how her husband is just not interested in sex anymore ( How on earth can I help that,somebody please tell me  !! ) Now let me tell you one thing categorically I am not ashamed to talk about birds and bees or I do not believe in shoving such things under the proverbial carpet. I am all for sex education ,creating awareness about  protected sex et al.. But when it comes to sharing the nitty-gritty of my private life I am awkward yes I prefer keeping my private life just that private. There are friends who have told me that I am anti-social, too shy or even weird. I am all for girl bonding but for me boundaries  are an essential part of  any relationship . I don’t believe in letting down my guard in any relationship except the very intimates ones.If only people would learn not ask me  probing questions, it would save me the trouble of being vague ( Yes I am such a non-confrontational person , that I would hemm and haw but not tell the person ‘Don’t ask me that) So ask me no probing questions and you’d hear no lies 😉

3 thoughts on “Ask Me No Further

  1. Dude! What your friend asked you also made ME almost choke on my tea right now as I read it!! How is that a thing to ask someone? 😀 Wow! You and I either really are prudish or the world is singing a different tune 🙂

    Hey ADACL I really wonder too !!

  2. LOL!!

    We will not ask ANY questions!! 😉
    But, I guess, to each his own! Even though I don’t generally talk about it… I have answered all sorts of questions / doubts my friends have had! 😀

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