Why Do You Blog ?

I blog  to deal with an irrepressible desire to give vent and voice to my thoughts and ideas which I don’t always express everyday

I am compelled to blog since I have this fascination for stringing words together, to put at rest an incessant urge to write.

It is a sounding board for my anger, despair and sometimes work related woes

I write to make some sense of my roller coaster ride : the highs and lows of my life and to comprehend the world around me.

Sometimes it is a mere reaction to an issue I feel strongly about like child abuse, women’s self-image issues.

Once in a while I also write just to indulge myself or take potshots at people/ situations which I wouldn’t dare do in real life. Doesn’t that make me a coward then ?? Let’s leave this thought for another post perhaps.

Even though I don’t always write meaningful stuff  ( Sigh wish I could) I continue to share a part of my life in this space, connect with friends and acquaintances I made while hopping over to their blogs ( This for all the people on my blog list)

These are some of my reasons, now tell me  Why do you blog ? Would love to hear from all of you .

6 thoughts on “Why Do You Blog ?

    • O blog of various reasons that match most of yours…but basically because I like to write…and now that I’ve been blogging since 3 years…I’ve made lot of new friends here and I thank blog world for the same…but ya basically because I love writing 🙂

  1. Woww! U put them all in words 🙂 I ws nodding my head @ so many of them 🙂

    Well, when I started, I ws really nt sure y I ws blogging … the husband started and I did too .. as though it ws a matter of equality lol 😉

    But nw, its so much a part of me, that I wanna rant, ramble, express my joys everything in that space 🙂

    me : i agree Swar btw like the equality part 🙂

  2. I agree with hwat you’ve said! 🙂

    I blog to vent out, to put up my stories, thoughts…
    most important, its a place where I express my feelings the best…
    Written – somehow I have a better chance of communicating than orally! 😀

    And the veil of pseudo-annonymity helps in venting out without the fear of being judged

    Yes Pixs anonymity always helps 🙂

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