It Isn’t A Wonderful Afterlife

Gurinder Chadda has seriously disappointed her fans with this film.. This film is an over the top portrayal of  the Pride and Prejudice’s Bennetesque obsession with finding a suitable match for one’s daughter. One has to struggle hard to look for elements of humour.. The film borders more on gross, macabre and grotesque. It took me a while to digest that this very lady directed an intelligent laugh riot like Bend It Like Beckham.. The only saving grace was Senthil Ramamurthy ( The dishy looking actor of Heroes fame..) On the whole the film turned out to be quite a bummer.

4 thoughts on “It Isn’t A Wonderful Afterlife

  1. The promos anyway never appealed… to me.. Only may be shabana azmi’s presence wud hv made me watch but I give up after readin ur review 🙂

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