Life’s Little contradictions

Was just wondering how life is a bundle of  contradictions :

We spend the first few years of our life trying to look older in order to be taken seriously and the latter is spent in denying our actual age and trying to look younger !!

All through adolescence we go all out to find ways and means of standing out in the crowd and being different and the our work life is exactly the opposite we go all out to fit in with people around us.

We  make mistakes, goof up during our youth and call of these ‘experience’ to be able to give homilies to our children 🙄

 We keep planning for our future only to reminisce about ‘those were the days’ when we grow old.. Wonder why don’t we consider living in the present instead ?

As our spending power increases we somehow lose the ability to take pleasure in the smaller everyday joys…

We’re continually connected through our blackberries, i phones,  and gizmos but we’re communicating less and less with our loved ones and  most of all with ourselves.

We have easy access to information at the snap of a finger but we seldom have the time to chew over all that information..

From relationships to food to technology everything is instant  yet nothing ever gratifies or satisfies us enough…

Can you think of any such paradoxes which define our life today.. Please feel free to add to this list…

3 thoughts on “Life’s Little contradictions

  1. nice thought here..this where balancing comes into picture..we need to keep pace with the progressing world yet not uproot our values and should be attached to our loved ones…after those are the ones who make us who we are..without our own people we are nothing ,ya?

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