The week(end) that was….

Contrary to what I thought, the weekend passed by in such a whirlwind that there was hardly any time to sit and blink let alone think.. This was one weekend which felt like usual weekdays..Except that I visited a temple which I really wanted to..made me feel so much at peace despite the irrepressible heat and crowd of people climbing on each other heads and stepping on toes !! Gosh ! It was quite an experience.. All said and done..we’ve barely touched Monday and here is sleep starved and lazy me   looking forward to the end of this week already 🙂 and I know myself if I don’t get a much-needed breather I can turn into a crotchety and cranky soul !!

4 thoughts on “The week(end) that was….

  1. So true, temples and visitin places of worship gives so much of strength and serenity 🙂

    weekend’s oer and monday is here…and I am already yearning for fridayyyyyy 😦

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