Thinking Aloud

I need a break …no not from work but from thinking my head is so muddled , so crowded with thoughts I wish  I could make my mind clutter free..  In fact there are so many thoughts jumping around in my head right now that I almost feel fatigued : about  what I want from work, about my parents’ health ( How I miss them 😦 ) About my in-laws’ health, about learning to manage things at home better ( I am almost redundant when it comes to household chores , especially cooking !! )  I wish I was more action oriented rather than merely mulling over and chewing over things in my head….

This weekend I intend taking a break from thinking about a million things all at once.. the end result is so futile I get virtually nothing done.Perhaps  I just need to slow down .. pick up  one thread at a time…So here is hyper me taking a deep breath and vowing to quieten things a little… I hope it works.. Sigh !!

5 thoughts on “Thinking Aloud

  1. I’m going thru a heavy head right now too. Too many things to think about, I really want a break. sigh..

    You have a fun weekend.

    Oh titaxy you must take a break !! Hope you had a good weekend

  2. It happens many a times with me. Too many plans, too much thinking, all at the same time, head cluttered up and finally I end up despaired and doing nothing 😦 I think we should take a break in such times. Think absolutely nothing for a day or two. Without any care worries.Then we can pick up each thought one by one and work on it. I think this should work.

    I agree with you Ajay it does work 🙂

  3. Ohh dear hugsssss :)Take a break and do alll of that which would make u feel happy…remember the list???…a good relaxed Lunch/Dinner at the best rstaurant…


    Aww Hugs Dew .thanks for the suggestion I’ll try these as soon as possible 🙂

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