Reality Bites

The other day I was watching a television show where a star ( I don’t know whether she merits being called one since she was a mere reality show participant) was cribbing  about how being under public glare constantly has gives her absolutely no personal time.. The first question that popped in my head was who told you to participate in an inane reality show in the first place ?? Reality TV is entertaining  in bits and parts but mostly it is annoying, irksome and nerve jangling.. Looking at most of these the first thing that strikes me is we’re a country overflowing with so much talent which doesn’t seem to fit into the half a dozen shows on all channels. Every second person it seems can sing, shake a leg or crack silly jokes if nothing else.. Sigh it seems I am amongst the few  ordinary souls left  in the country who possess no extraordinary skill 😆 What is your take on such shows that showcase ‘talent’ ??

4 thoughts on “Reality Bites

  1. I think there are more reality shows in India than the available talent..there are plenty different themes on which they are producing reality shows height of it was “Pati Patni aur Woh” how on earth can some parents send their babies on such shows?? God plz wake them up !!!

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