I really wish last Friday never happened. If  I could I would go back in time and simply skip the day  . The helplessness, anguish and pain  that I saw in the eyes of a close family member who lost her baby is something I wouldn’t want anyone to experience.. I really wanted to reach out and lessen the pain but words that were meant to offer comfort sounded so empty and hollow to my own ears.The intent is to offer solace and comfort but nothing that one says or does can give comfort. It is perhaps the hardest to reach out to someone who is grieving, they go into pain, denial and sometimes even go into a stony shell which is very hard to break..which makes one feel completely helpless..

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  1. hey dude… it sure is very difficult to comfort our dear ones when the are in trouble.. coz we feel as if the trouble is ours and we cannot even comfort them.. as we have to be comforted first…

  2. oh ho, what happened. I hope this person finds peace and closure. Losing a child is posssibly the most traumatic thing a person can face in his lifetime. And I agree, that in the face of death words seem very hollow, there is not really much one can say!

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