Concentric circles

You can’t escape the S-word it chases you wherever you go.. Hold your horses people I am not referring to sex but stress ( ahem for those of you who thought otherwise you don’t need to read ahead and get bored any further :roll:)  We do it all pop pills, huff and puff on treadmills , practice yoga all in an endeavour to beat killer stress. A few days back I read this piece which made perfect sense to me.. It talked about how we can beat stress by dividing life into concentric circles.. Where you ( Yes it all starts with your mental and physical well-being) are the centre of that circle.. the inner ring can be your loved ones: immediate family followed by another ring which constitutes friends and finally a circle with work colleagues and others.. Not only does dividing our life into concentric circles help us prioritize but it would also help us minimize avoidable conflict. In any situation we would automatically know which circle to pick .. It quite made sense to me…what is your mantra for avoiding getting edgy or frazzled ?? I’d love to know…hurry up and tell me.

6 thoughts on “Concentric circles

  1. Honestly, I phase out…
    I am neither here nor there and there is a vaccum I create for myself and I’m sheltered there till I feel better 🙂

    I write weird stuff! :mrgreen:

    That’s how I deal with stress…

  2. Its very very difficult for me to deal with stress all by myself 😦 I always need my hubby’s support to come out of the stressful situation..otherwise i am burried in my own teary shell..which is really hard to break..

  3. In between all the panicking, I force myself to think “What is the worst that can happen?” and sometimes visualize the worst possible.. somehow, that helps me set a perspective. Does that make sense?

    Doesn’t work for a lot of people though.. they end up feeling even more down in the dumps!

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