Drawing The Line

I have heard of  mothers-in-law being bossy and daughters-in-law toeing the line without as much as a whimper. But this one that I heard from  a friend who recently tied the knot sort of takes the cake in encroaching on someone’s privacy. The poor girl happens to be tall and lean , her mom-in-law if you please wanted to see all her lingerie to check whether the girl was wearing padded bras…And the Daughter in law was thereon instructed to wear padded bras to look well endowed.. I don’t quite understand this dichotomy on one hand the lady is fairly conservative and on the other she makes no bones about scanning through DIL’s lingerie and telling her what to wear to look voluptuous !! Gosh and the DIL who happens to be a qualified CA ( and yet is made to stay at home!!) went pink in the face as her MIL encroached on her private life..I wish she’d taken a stand for herself This really annoyed me.. we really need to tell people in a polite and subtle manner : this much and no further.. You can’t really pry into anybody’s private life to such an extent..it is important to draw the line somewhere..Isn’t it ??

5 thoughts on “Drawing The Line

  1. eh?!
    That poor poor girl! She should have drawn the line!!
    You get al sorts of weirdos!! And the only common thing is their dominating aspect!!

    we need to stand up for ourselves – politely, but firmly…

  2. I find this funny… DIL is poor as she is unable to take a stand.. not for sitting at home, not for discussion on looks…DIL is much more faulty is all I feel :P.. before changing others, we change ourself !!

  3. WTH. What goes on in these people’s minds? Why do they have the need to pry and bulge into someone else’s life so much? What do they think gives them the right? poor girl, the DIL. Sucks.

  4. I feel bad for the poor girl who has to take such instructions from her MIL.Its upto her to decide whether she wants someone to take liberty in advicing her on very very personal matters like this 🙂

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