Tomorrow Is Another Day

This last week was a pure manifestation of Murphy’s law : everything that could possibly go wrong under the sun went wrong  and knowing me  by now you would know it has to be workwise.I saw how people transform overnight if you decide to take a stand for yourself and try to pin you down, turn vindictive  all because you had temerity to ask for something which is rightfully yours ..But what is life without trying times…This adage is so clichéd and done  to death yet rings true each time:  if  it doesn’t kill you it only leave you stronger.. My dad, my husband , mom  and friends ( I have to thank GM from blogosphere too, she’s a gem !O ) are real bricks.. If nothing else this experience might have left a bad taste in the mouth but all I feel at the end of the day is gratitude and sheer joy for being surrounded by such lovely people. Their pep talks made me look at how there is much else to life rather than whining about work. .. I’ve come to realise :Any sort of work might give  your life meaning at times.. but if you treat it like the be all and end all of your existence and identity then you’re asking for trouble.. Work with your head and there is absolutely no need to put your heart and soul into it cause that is like inviting misery with your arms wide open..

Whatever happened is well past ( or rather I think, it can even continue but now I care two hoots ) ; now I can just lift my head and say Tomorrow is yet another day ( I quite owe this last line to the  Scarlett O Hara influence 😆 )

2 thoughts on “Tomorrow Is Another Day

  1. Touchwood! for the wonderful people who surround you. And be ware always, because its very very easy to get carried away, when the going is good in office, but always remember it is just work, and not what defines your entire life or identity! Hugs and very happy to see that you have emerged stronger from the ordeal!

    Hugs’re among those wonderful people Thanks a lot for bucking me up 🙂 .. When it comes to work we share quite a few traits..thanks for the piece of advice I’ve learnt it’s so true

  2. You bet! Tomorrow is indeed another day 🙂

    Also adding on to the blogosphere, it helps immensely…to hav sum like minded, lovely ppl around who simply uplifts ur mood and spirits thru their comments 🙂 and support!

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