Wayward ways of the world

The world belongs to the people who are either pompous or  proud

This is something I’ve only  recently figured out

Modesty and humility were virtues aeons ago

Now sadly enough they’re foolish faults which can never let you grow.

Blow your own trumpet and go all out to the tell one and all

How you’ve done a marvellous job of everything and have always stood tall

Preening like peacocks which was once considered vain

But now it is a necessity for mere survival and some gain

 Hard work  and honesty :virtues our parents lived by

Are slowly diminishing and will very soon die

It is a wayward upside down world now my friend

Have you ever thought if this how things continue how will it all ever end ??

6 thoughts on “Wayward ways of the world

  1. I am quite sure this one is about workplace. Unfortunately its a sad sad world out there in that regard.It had driven me half mad. they say a good/brave man is the one who can hold onto his values, but when its happening everyday, it kind of gets killing, we either join them or die a slow painful death. I had the option I quit, before I could go mad. All I can say is all the best girl, and I hope you can carve your path without giving up your values. HUGS!

  2. You’re bang on target GM ..It is a mad-mad world and somehow everything that one learnt while growing up ; the workplace negates it .One is in for rude shocks every now and then.. Thanks for being so sensitive and perceptive.Hugs Girl 🙂

  3. very nice and thought-provoking lamenting the erosion of basic values in us. Where are we heading will this technology, education and development if we can’t keep even basic virtues in us? I’ve seen ‘well-educated’ people behave like rogues. I become disillusioned-is this what this education has turned him into?

  4. wow! what a fabulous write-up! I`m so glad I decided to come over(through GM)! You know, you`re right.
    “Preening like peacocks which was once considered vain
    But now it is a necessity for mere survival and some gain”

    I cant help wonder at the truth in this simple line.
    A few weeks back I interviewed for grad school. The kind of students I met there, set me thinking twice about the whole thing. I felt almost stupid because I just couldn’t talk about my own accomplishments as a doctor when I so needed to! And here were a bunch of Spanish majors(undergrads), who went on and on about how much they wanted to get into healthcare and why! So of course, in the work place it will be ten times as bad!
    You have a great blog here. Shall visit again!

  5. Oh God! Ask me abt this! At times u knw I feel that considering myself, my nature I shud hv never been a part of this dirty corporate..and ppl in it!!

    You have just echoed my thots dear…

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