Things I’d love to change before I hit thirty

I’ve never been the kind to set targets or bother about milestones. Though I have four years before I hit 30…but there are several things I would like to change about myself before I hit the number.

– I can be quite dense when it comes to figuring out people’s covert motives.. I hope to become more street smart and astute by the time I touch 30.( God only knows how :roll:)

– I am awful at being assertive either I am this pushover or I turn extremely aggressive. I am hoping to achieve that magical balance between submissiveness and aggression !! ( It seems to tall an order to me right now )

– I want to be content and at peace with myself. Though I do have phases of being all content and peaceful I am mostly very restless and I am constantly searching for new ideas to toy with.. Here again equilibrium is what I seek.

– I want to stop being judgemental..I usually am but sometimes I’ve caught myself sounding a tad too preachy.. trying to nip this in the bud.

– I hope to be more coherent and clear in how I write, think and speak…I’ve found myself meandering in my twenties, experimenting with ideas, searching for a direction especially as far as my career is concerned.. Fortunately personally I did not have to float around too much . I married the first man I dated and am quite pleased with the way things turned out afterwards…Touchwood !!

– I would like to be more autonomous especially emotionally and be in control of my life

Is a search for balance and stability that most of us experience in our twenties ? I think turmoil and restlessness is a precursor to growing up and becoming more mature..

I don’t know would be able to tell me better.The only thing that worries me is I have figured out what I want to be , but need to do more soul searching in terms of how to get there.

For those of you in the twenties, do you have a similar wish list ? For those of you in your thirties : How did you tackle the turmoil ? Waiting to hear from all of you 🙂

3 thoughts on “Things I’d love to change before I hit thirty

  1. I don’t yet have a similar wish list, but definitely have to look into making one 🙂 After all, what’s life if not the constant need to better oneself? 🙂

  2. The 30s does make you feel more accomplished! (This Solilo mentioned on my bday post)

    And the remaining on your list – have accomplished a few and some are still pending! 😉

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