The lost art of being nice

It sometimes saddens me to see how being polite and well-mannered is a gradually diminishing fact dying habit.. Being polite and nice is mistaken for weakness.When I went to pre-school there being polite was something that was ingrained in us right from the beginning. these days I marvel at parents who are indulgent even proud of their brash, loud little brats !! I wonder why people seldom notice that it takes some amount of strength and grace to be civil with others.Words like thank you, sorry and please are considered rather archaic and seldom find a place in everyday parlance. I often ask myself why are we so scared of observing basic niceties whether at the workplace or in our familial and social interactions..And I’ve discovered after observing people : we fear being civil cause we think we’ll end up being walkovers for people.. No wonder people take a strange sort of pride in being arrogant  and rude.They would rather have other people be in awe of them than have others think of them as pushovers. Arrogance I’ve figured is nothing but a veiled form of fear.. If fear governs all our interactions how can we ever think of being polite ??

5 thoughts on “The lost art of being nice

  1. I have had the same thoughts a million times. Being rude is equated being important/smart/powerful way too often, and its disgusting. Though I must say things are very very different here, the people take special efforts to be polite and nice, and brash, loud kids are rather rare, infact most kids are so so mild mannered that I am amazed. The BB is the only child I have seen scream or throw a tantrum in public here!

    😀 Glad to know things are different in Australia.. I wish we Indians took some cues from there !!

  2. i so agree with you!!so many times i m made fun of just because of my sorries and thank yous:P
    also i am known as ‘miss god bless you’ just because i use the phrase oftem!(come on!people make me feel as if i used a swear word:)
    its appalling how these very basic niceties are not the usual practice these days..sigh! such is life then..hehe

    @ Icanbemyself : lol i know what you mean !! What is supposed to be basic etiquette is considered an anomaly and rather unusual !such is life Girl…

  3. First of all they dont be nice and they have problems when ppl be nice…!! I hate that attitude ppl carry thinking it’s over-empowering or whatever! It just shows the lack of basics and incorrect upbringing…

  4. I agree that being polite and nice is very important, but disagree that it is a lost art. All the time I see parents reminding their young children to say thank you and to be polite.

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