Is Cynicism = Maturity ?

I often wonder why is being cynical associated with being mature ? Can’t one be lively, playful , love life and yet be mature…And the worst part is when people confuse being cynical with being realistic.Does reality always have to be bitter and unpalatable ??.I’ve often been told maturity is not looking at life with rose-tinted glasses, being skeptical about everything and everyone under the sun, live with the assumption that the world is a man eat man place.. Phew !! Parents are almost emphatic that they want their children to be ‘worldly -wise’ and street smart so that they can protect their own interests and move up the ladder of success( the means it seems are immaterial !! ).It is drilled into heads of little kids you have to be nothing but the best !! .All this makes me feel growing up is an option I’d rather choose not to exercise.. Can’t we retain our effervescence, childlike wonder  and yet mature into individuals with a healthy degree of skepticism and rational judgement  ??I’ve often noticed people being labeled as immature just because they are playful.  Does maturity dawn only with the death of innocence??

5 thoughts on “Is Cynicism = Maturity ?

  1. A beautiful thought provoking post.
    Loved the line “..Does maturity dawn only with the death of innocence??”
    I’ve often pondered on these lines, and I was amazed when I saw you’ve put down my thought in words on your post.

    Keep up the wonderful work 🙂 😀


    Thank you so much for stopping by CB and leaving a comment 🙂

  2. I hav observed that just bcoz ppl are lively..playful…oders don take their opinions too seriously.. It;s a strange world full of strange ppl..!

  3. Ah yes… I had a PL like that. Just because we laughed and cracked jokes as we worked, he thought and came to the conclusion that we weren’t serious about our work!! 🙄

  4. For me, maturity is the tolerence we develop for the things we might not do ourselves. It is the acceptance and understanding we share with people who have different choices, skills, abilities and mindsets…

    Well out Divya

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