Just wondering…..

Does being newly married mean people put you under a microscope and judge  the way you carry yourself and choose to dress?? Does it also give people the right to comment on your attire ? I guess it does this is what a colleague drove home when she commented ” You are too simple aren’t you ? Perhaps you don’t like dressing up.Newly married women must deck up at least for a few months.” Yeah right if her idea of dressing up is looking like a pancaked christmas tree then I don’t have much to say!! Can I help it, if the art of make-up doesn’t fascinate me or bling isn’t really my favourite attire ?? I almost had the girl who did my wedding make-up shouting and screeching at me since I was too fidgety and ended up spoiling her work.. I can be quite a brat otherwise but prefer not being too loud with my clothes especially at work…

This has nothing to do with how happy  I am about being married. It goes without saying I love every bit of it !! Being married teaches me something new every day about myself and about the man I fell for hook, line and sinker …But will my looking like a jazzed up doll convey my feelings of  excitement better ?? I think this is something  only my dear colleague can answer  for us 😉

4 thoughts on “Just wondering…..

  1. ha ha ha. They do expect it don’t they? I am the exact opposite. I was shocked when a colleague returned to work after her wedding looking like she was the bride that day. I am all for dressing up, not just after marriage, but whenever, one feels like. But I believe in the corporate work environs, a certain amount of toning down is needed!

    lol I really know what you mean GM

  2. Lolz..I love the word “pancake christmas tree” ROFL 😀
    Well same pinch dear …I hate make-up and come on plz teach ur colleague a bit of professional attire at work-place…


  3. 😆

    I totally get what you are saying!
    After I got married and came back after the break, people expected me in a saree.. I was in regular office formals!
    My Lead was all “You don’t loko married at all!!”
    What’s that supposed to mean huh?! 🙄

    Don’t you worry girl! As long as you are happy with what you are wearing, that’s all that matters!! 😉

    Thanks Pixie

  4. same here..after i joined office everybody keep checking..’such a small bindi’, so little/ no sindoor no bling-bling, no bangles..whoa..
    and remarks from colleagues like “You haven’t changed!! no differnece at all” 😦

    first timer at yur blog…:)

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