Awkward social situations…..

Have you ever been in a situation with a family member or friend when you just can’t find the appropriate response..when they break into monologues which go on for eternity and you just don’t know how to steer the conversation to a logical end ?Why do we sometimes fumble to say the right thing ??  I wonder is it what they’ve said or is it sheer my social ineptitude,I sometimes find myself in situations where I’m so dumbfounded and don’t know what would be the right thing to say . Especially when people are  going all out to criticize something or someone.. This is when  I usually wriggle out with a customary nod or a humming sound !! Then there are times when in a social gathering I’ve noticed people wax eloquently about something which doesn’t interest me even to the remotest degree I usually grin and bear it or have put on that all attentive look and go into la la land mentally 🙄 I wonder why do we take refuge in such masks ? With me it is simply the fear of annoying or hurting the person at the other end..  How do you react in similar situations ????

4 thoughts on “Awkward social situations…..

  1. I mutter too! sigh…
    And then, I make up an excuse and walk away!!
    Very rude it looks sometimes, but can’t help it… 😐

    🙂 Atleast you can cook up good excuses at the right time !!

  2. Gosh!! I guess i wont be able to stand al that and rather wud excuse myself sayin… “I got to cal sumone maybe..” 😉

    Thanks Dew i’ll give that a shot next time 🙂

  3. I mutter, sigh, hum and then if it gets too irritating I just say “Chuck it aunty/uncle, what have we got to do with it” and smile. It usually works. But there will be few persistent people whom I have to specifically shoo away. 😛

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