Of Changing Times

When I’m watching a movie..what interests me probably more than the movie itself  is the banter  and innocent questions that kids put up to their parents who are at a loss for the right words to answer these questions..For instance a during a recent movie I saw when the lead couple were getting intimate , a curious 5 year old’s banter began : ‘Yeh kya iski girlfriend hai ? Kya yeh ek saath sote hain ? Kya yeh dono ek ghar main rehte hain ??” The poor parents just kept hemming and hawing to avoid these awkward questions !! It was quite a sight..But it also set me thinking.. Kids grow up so fast these days nothing catches their fancy for too long..they know tooth fairies are bunkum , they don’t belive in fairytales,gnomes and poixies don’t exist  for them as they did for us.Instead they either mouth dialogues of soap operas and hum the lyrics ofsongs like love, sex and dhoka. or they are out there in the spotlight participating in reality shows where they’re dancing to songs whose lyrics they aren’t old enougfh to comprehend .Unfortunately Children aren’t child-like anymore,in fact they are  like mini adults these days..Sigh how times change !!

4 thoughts on “Of Changing Times

  1. If we compare it from our times…I am shocked to see the transition. During our times, I remember we were confined to studies and play only…. MOVIES…we were not allowed untl college..but nowadays ..thanks to media…internet n stuff ..times have changed ..

    Yes Dew and the change has been so rapid that we in our twenties are still trying to fathom what all has changed !!

  2. The definition of child has an updated version now. But things which remain same is they are fun to be with more than anything/anybody and you still learn from them…

    🙂 I quite agree with you Divya

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