Incredible Stuff That The Movies Teach Us :)

Fridays for me are always associated with movies..that is how I thought of a post with a filmy flavour.Here’s a list of the incredible stuff that films especially bollywood ones palm off to viewers and expect us to palate such incredible things..

Some of these I’ve read, others  are based on observations,some mine and some that friends have pointed out.Feel free to add to the list

– When it’s raining the leading lady is inevitably dressed in white or something really clingy and transparent..

– When you’re dancing on the streets everyone seems to be able to match steps with you.

– You can burst into a song and dance in the most inappropriate of places : college campus , your office and no one is ever going to bat an eyelid !!

– A policeman or detective is able to crack a case only after he’s retired or suspended.

– The leading guy doesn’t even release a murmur when the goons are beating him into a pulp but will wince in pain when a woman tries to clean his wounds.

– One can wear make up to bed without ever worrying about it smudging..-

-You can pass of as a college student even at 45 and romance women old enough to be your daughters…

5 thoughts on “Incredible Stuff That The Movies Teach Us :)

  1. Bullets in hero’s guns never finish
    Heroines are always pretty and innocent
    Vamps always smoke,never heroines
    Hero’s father is mostly an honest bloke killed treacherously by the villain…list goes on

    Lol so true Pesto 🙂

  2. another one…the heroine prefers to trust the villain with the counterfeit evidence rather than the hero with whom she is madly in love or who has been her husband for the past 25 years:p

    So true Sulfia 🙂

  3. LOL!! good ones…
    last one especially!!

    the older movies always showed the hero’s sister being raped/killed…
    the rich heroine had to be “tamed”! 🙄
    Eve-teasing was a way to get the heroine to fall in love with the hero!! 🙄 🙄 🙄

    Hey Pixie !! Thanks for adding to the list 🙂

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