Love Doesn’t Hurt..

Love is  not a mere word…

It infuses life into the song of the nightingale bird

Love is what keeps people together

Love sees you through hard day and stormy weather

Love tides over all hurdles and strains

Love is the balm to soothe your pains

Love with strings

Can only clip your wings

Love  doesn’t ask you to change or bend

It stands the test of time like a true friend

Love is free and true

When its gives you the strength to be you….

I’ve seen a lot of adolescents experiment with relationships merely to seek validation and assert themselves…but in the process they sometimes end up scarring their self-esteem . I wish more parents and caretakers tried giving them the love and acceptance they needed..Statistics in the west show a drastic increase in violence in teen relationships. How can we do our bit to nip this trend in the bud ?

One thought on “Love Doesn’t Hurt..

  1. Love can never be vengeance…it can only be love.
    Love can never be painful…but love.
    It hurts; yes it does …if not, then what’s love?
    It’s a magic potion once had, turns you mystified.
    It protects, it shields, Love is armour bejewelled.
    Love is worship, Love is eternal.
    When you are in love, all you find is only love.
    There’s no right or wrong…but love.
    Love is just love…fall in love you know what’s love….

    A few lines written by me …

    Wow Dew these are beautiful lines… you’re such a philosophical poet !!

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