Things I’m Learning In My Twenties….

Even if I don’t practice them all the time there are quite a few things I’m learning to observe in the turbulent twenties

– Sometimes its wiser to let go rather than hold on…

– In the bid to win an argument one might lose a good equation . Sometimes you gain more by keeping a lid over that acid tongue !! 

– Staying silent is better than saying something hurtful you don’t really mean and then repenting at leisure

It’s not always about saying or doing what you think people want from is sometimes about doing or saying what you want…

morality is not so much about a value system as much it is out of conditioned fear

-When the blues hit you, a bar of chocolate, a visit to the saloon or an unabashed shopping spree never let you down 😆

There are many more such homilies I keep giving to myself…some work others don’t but then life is all about trying untill you learn to create your own symphony…..What say you ??

3 thoughts on “Things I’m Learning In My Twenties….

  1. some of these I can say I’ve learned too…like learning when to talk and when to shut up…realizing that something’s are better left unsaid.

    So true Titaxy !!

  2. morality point is awesome 🙂 & ofcourse when the blues hit i do all of that plus…going to a theater alone..and watch a movie all by myself 😉

    lol Watching a movie alone is something I’ve tried only once in my whole life !!

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