There are times one feels directionless despite taking on a specific direction..times when despite certainty and security one feels a tad unsure of what’s in store ?? There are times when despite knowing what’s right for us we choose otherwise…Times whren a strange kind of restlessness engulfs you and gives you impetus to look within, to reflect…Times when life puts you face to face with things you’ve been trying hard all your life to either overlook or shove under the carpet  ?  Times when you start questioning choices which seem irrevocable… Is this mere obfuscation or is this what people call the Quarter Life Crisis !!

One thought on “????

  1. Huggggggggs sweetie!! I know such times are like testing times…all we can do is patiently wait for that to pass…

    Thanks Dew You’re a real sweetheart !! 🙂

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