Let me be me

They are all mine my dreams and all

I choose to walk my path even if I fall

I sing a tune of my own

I’ll choose my music, lyrics and tone

I know what I want and what I want to do

Don’t tell me what I need cause I am me I’m not you

Let me live on my own and fly away

If you chain me down I’ll never stay

Don’t judge me, label me for what I do

Just remember I am me I can never be you…

I often see we try to change and mould the people in our lives whether our partner or our children to what we think is acceptable..My dad tells me in the process of changing people  we destroy them..I often wonder who are we to decide what is acceptable and what isn’t .. It would be wonderful if we could love and accept these people for what they are and not what we want them to be..I really hope I learn to practice this to the tee !!

2 thoughts on “Let me be me

  1. Lovely poetry 🙂 ….yes in the process of changing we destroy them….their identity!

    Thanks Dew 🙂 so true we’re supposed to help people flower not crush their spirit

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