Happy Women’s Day

She’s a mother, a daughter, a wife

She give you boundless love  and is the source of life

Her dignity, her grace and poise is beyond measure

Respect her, love her and cherish her like a treasure

She’s walked on thorns for ages now

Now if you test her patience she’s taken a vow

To stand up against injustice and pain

To weather the storms and rain

She’s hitched her wagon to the star

She’s proved her mettle near and far

Don’t try to tie her down or stop her

Now the world is her oyster..

Here’s wishing all the wonderful women out there a very happy women’s day. Today is going to be a historic women’s day with the Women’s reservation bill being voted for in the Rajya Sabha. Let’s all vow to make each day of the year women’s day by making our cities safer for women, by spreading awareness about female feticide, by giving women their due at the workplace..there are miles to go..but let’s make a small beginning this women’s day..Kudos to girl power 🙂

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