Ask No Questions

Why isn’t there a law in our country against prying into people’s personal lives ?? Humph I really wish they were. It would make life much easier for people like me who would rather keep their private private as possible. It gets at me like nothing does, when random acquaintances ask me questions like where does your husband work ? How much does he earn( I bite my tongue and stop myself from asking how is that your concern! ) Phew! Sometimes I wish I had the guts to say this to people’s faces. the only thing that stops me is the fear of being an acid tongue …I think something is seriously wrong with me cause I have to exercise mammoth patience and stop myself from reaching the end of my tether whenever I am at the receiving end of such  innocuous yet nosey questions.

How do you deal with such people?? Any tips are always welcome

4 thoughts on “Ask No Questions

  1. trying being really really vague with your answers…such people expect direct ones, when they get tired of making out your circumlocuted answers they will stop…trust me on this one:)

    😀 thanks Sulfia i’ll try what you suggested

  2. ask them…”Do u wnt ur EMI’s to be paid by him or what” 😉 …thatz crazy…I mean do they care to draw a line at least sumwhere for God’s sake?

    Dew it is crazy, people have a way of stepping on one’s nerves

  3. Hi

    I don’t know you but i am leaving this comment because i tried to open a blog called liveonimpulse and it wouldn’t let me. Probably the first time since 12 years of using this nick i have been denied access in using it. Well at least i got facebook :D.

    Good blog btw the about section was surprisingly similar.
    Hi thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment ..this is quite an interesting coincidence

  4. I usually smile and give vague random answers!!
    Or I talk about the maid and how expensive and unreliable she is along with vegetable prices!! 😛 😛

    Seriously though, I just give vague answers and say that what he makes is SO not enough! But, can’t help with the economy still so bad and food prices being high!!
    that helps shut other people’s mouths!!! 😉 😉 😉

    lol pixie that was an excellent retort I sure can take a tip or two from you thanks

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