Of Being An Outsider

I was taken aback when the other day someone enquired all well you’re not on Facebook these days ?? In fact another friend thought me and my boy friend ( now husband) had some trouble brewing since we’d decided to stay away from social networking for a while !! This had me really flummoxed.It then dawned me how social networking sites had become an integral part of our lives. People share the teeny-weeniest details of their lives here…If you’re not on Facebook you’re probably a social pariah.  you don’t have  a social life to speak of.

 I often choose to disable my profile in between, take a breather and then come back .friends and family consider me very temperamental for doing this ..I think I have a right to choose when I want to connect with people and when I’d like to stay away !! I’d rather be the outsider , a ‘social-outcast’ than rave and rant on FB…(Anyways I do that enough on this blog to have the energy to continue elsewhere 😉 )

P.S By the way this is my 100th post..yay never thought I’d have so much to talk about 😀

3 thoughts on “Of Being An Outsider

  1. nice template and look! 😀

    Congrats on the 100th post!
    yea, if not on FB, then its considered weird.
    You go ahead and connect when you want and how you want! 😉
    Don’t you worry about what others think!! 😀

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