Emotional Atyachaar

UTV Bindass seems to be cashing on its reality show Emotional Atyachaar, a reality show where people make their partners undergo a loyalty test !!  When I first saw it I had mixed reactions..obviously the first one being skepticism …how on earth can such inane stuff be real !!  But it’s such a reflection on how ephemeral and fragile relationships are in our times : what with people cheating “virtually” on their partners, “office spouses” and stresses and strains of modern life…Another question which kept wandering in my mind was why the heck are you in a relationship with a person you can’t trust and  you have to stoop down to  silly gimmicks like these to check whether your partner is faithful !! Perhaps I am one of those old school of thought people who think relationships are sacrosanct and one doesn’t have to wash one’s dirty linen on National TV !! Even if you do want to exit a relationship for whatever reason you don’t do it by making a spectacle of yourself .( That is if this show is actually real !! ). Wouldn’t a quiet dignified parting be a better way out ??   

 We are a nation of such  voyeurs and will give up no opportunity to peep into people’s private lives..why would we want to feed these voyeuristic tendencies by airing such shows ?? I can’t make any head and tail of it ..can you ??

One thought on “Emotional Atyachaar

  1. You said it. When the promos were being aired I almost puked. If that is real lives of people in that show then they just want their 15 minutes of fame, with the other 15 minutes taken up by commercials. And of course there is no doubt that life these days has become so modern/fast that it has gone to dogs. Given that being modern is synonymous with posing to be young and full of rage and swearing at every opportunity. But we have a choice. To not watch the show and I choose so 🙂 End of story.

    @ Lively :I agree Lively wish more people chose not to watch such bunkum stuff …

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