Seeking Answers

Why is it that when something seems unattainable, out of reach and elusive we chase it incessantly, pursue it relentlessly day in and day out…It could be anything a dream, goal,  a passion or  person….but when that very thing falls into our lap we take it for granted…the charm suddenly wears off , we lapse into complacence…untill there is something else that catches the eye.. I can’t quite fathom the reason for this trait which most of us possess to a certain degree ..I can’t seem to find any concrete answers… Do you have any ?? Or do you think I am merely speculating out of sheer habit ?

2 thoughts on “Seeking Answers

  1. there is a saying – “the thrill is in the chase”
    I guess, when we pursue it for so long and so hard and so passionately, we spend all our energy in acquiring what we desire, but complacency is attainsed when we actually have it with us!
    I guess, we forget that its harder to maintain or keep what we chased than the actual chase…

    I’m not sure if this made any sense… just my thoughts! 🙂

  2. I guess, what we all are after is the journey, the journey with an aim… aim be it the person, thing or whatever…

    Enjoy the journey, that is wht makes the destination even more valuable…when we reach a destination, we are looking for another one… and that is wht makes us loose the focus from the existing achievement… enjoy enjoy enjoy the present, what you have …be a hippy for a day !!!

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