Beyond Words……

Of days spent waiting from dusk to dawn

Of dreams which were swept away even before they were born

Of the pain and tears you masked

Of questions which remain unasked

Of the childhood days spent in blissful naivety

Of a life that couldn’t touch you with its harshness and complexity

Of the stories still waiting to be told

Of moments of weakness and times when you were bold

Of  times that were filled with laughter and bliss

Of  mist that gathers when you think of people you miss

They disguise nothing and say it all

The biggest joy or even a disappointment so small

The smoulder in anger and melt with joy and love

They have the vulnerability of a doe and the purity of a dove

Even when you try to build a wall

They don’t let you conceal a thing and just say it all

In anger  and rage they are the seething coal

They mirror your heart and are the windows to your soul

Words are not needed to feel your tears and smiles

Yes it’s your eyes that speak a thousand miles

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