My Name is Khan And I’m not a Terrorist

” My Name Is Khan” when I went to watch this film this weekend I was a little sceptical about the melodramatic , over emotional Khan portraying a man with Asperger’s Syndrome ..But I came out overawed and speechless with his subtle yet stupendous portrayal of Rizvan Khan  a man affected by Asperger’s ( a form of autism which makes the person fearful of social interaction, new situations and the inability to express emotions ) . The film is effective in its portrayal of how post 9/11 a Muslim identity has become synonymous with being a terrorist.. It captures the racial attacks and abuse that targeted Indians at large and muslims specifically that surged in America . The film is engaging not only does it raise pertinent issues but also manages to entertain. Kajol as Rizwan’s spontaneous wife and a mother eager to get justice for her son a victim of racial violence is her usual spontaneous self.. What is etched beautifully through the film is that how a man with impaired social skills manages to show a wounded angry nation how to step out of the realm of fear and pitch in during crisis.. The musical score and direction ( Kudos to Karan Johar!! ) are impeccable.. If only the editing had been a little better this one would have been a sure shot winner.. It still strikes an emotional chord with the audience but the length gives it a slight disadvantage.I’d recommend the film to Shiv Sena and its supporters who continue to create strife in the name of religion and identity. The film beautifully depicts that being humane is man’s foremost also drives home the fact that we have can’t really make a distinction between normalcy and abnormality.. despite Asperger’s not only does Shah Rukh’s character have a gift for repairing anything under the sun he also happens to have his heart in the right place which makes him reach out to people in a crisis and make  a difference to their lives..

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