Seasons Have Their Reasons

It’s that time of the year again when the mist is clear

When there is a song on our lips and it’s time to cheer

The sun smiles brightly over our heads as the clouds part

Spring brings with it several hues and shades as the buds and blossoms start

It is the season of renewal and the time to rejoice

It is the season when birds chirp in their mellifluous voice

We bid winter a merry adieu

As we gear up to greet  the spring of youth

Each season has a reason

If winter taught us to think, stay still and contemplate

Spring is here to revel, rejoice and celebrate ..


4 thoughts on “Seasons Have Their Reasons

  1. Spring is almost here and so are allergies. Hahaha 😆

    Me loves me loves..Actually I love everything except gloomy Winters.

    Beautiful picture and lines. thanks Solilo

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