(Mis)Adventures of the Culinary Kind

My culinary skills aren’t something that I can boast of. I can barely rustle up stuff which is edible…Sometimes I wonder had my folks given a matrimonial advert , they would have hard time finding me a match…I look in amazement as I see my friends dish out exotic sounding stuff with such ease !! Why was I left bereft of this art ?? Sigh.. I tried making poha the other day and the way it turned out it hardly resembled poha.. my better half and his parents are usually the guinea pigs for my gastronomic experiments..The poor unsuspecting souls weren’t aware of what they were going to be subjected to !! Fortunately for me they are too polite to say anything unkind about the concoctions I serve them with. But I can see the relief on my husband’s face when he gets to know it’s the maid whose cooked food…As if this wasn’t enough the other day I cooked chicken soup ( minus the chicken of course !! ) I don’t know why ,but all these disasters haven’t succeeded  so far in dampening my enthusiasm for trying my hand at honing my culinary skills !!Let’s see what I decide to spoil next..if nothing it’ll give me food for thought which  translates into yet another post 😉

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