Once In A New Moon

Why have vampires caught our fancy suddenly.. Post Twilight and new moon an entire generation is besotted and fascinated by the mythical creatures whose erstwhile image was a rather intimidating Dracula.. In fact the response to the films makes me feel the proverbial blue moon will soon give way to the new moon !!  😆 Stephanie Myer is busy cashing in upon the fame of the Twilight series..Having heard and read about it my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to watch Twilight and New Moon with my siblings.. I wasn’t  able to fathom what the films intended conveying !!..What I couldn’t understand was why the confused and helpless Bella is either attracted only to  a white as a ghost vampire ( Robert Pattison who has girls across the globe gushing over him) or werewolves ?? It’s not as if she didn’t have decent enough humans around !! I also couldn’t understand how could people get all moony over the romance between a vampire and the willowy perpetually in distress damsel !! My younger siblings lapped up both the films and looked at me as if either I was  a little soft in the head and gave me those  you’re too old to understand so keep mum glares !!  Perhaps I am really getting on in years and can’t quite comprehend how the books and movies caught the fancy of an entire generation !!  It is time to move on to more sedate stuff perhaps ..Sigh !!

2 thoughts on “Once In A New Moon

  1. I luuuuuurrrrrvvveeed Twilight. But new moon not so much as there was so less edward in it. I’m talking about books. In movies, I’ve not at all liked new moon for various reasons. I’m all for the fantasy romance and esp. for Edward who is so darn good a character and Robert Pattinson ooh so eatable. 😛
    It’s not at all logical, but who says only logical has to be loved and accepted? It’s sometimes the thing that it can’t happen in real that gets it more exciting. The thing that it is fantasy, like HP. Hope I made at least some sense.

    Hi Lively you make complete sense !! 🙂 You’re right love defies all logic… and fantasy romances are fun but New moon couldn’t capture that romance so well !!

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