Of Relative Matters

It’s a well-known fact, we can’t choose our relatives but we can certainly choose our friends.. But you can’t ignore your relatives if you’re a part of the great Indian family !! I might be biased but I feel friends are a lot more spontaneous and accepting compared to relatives who are constantly sizing you and judging you at every step. It’s quite a sight especially at weddings and family get togethers where I’ve seen people dissecting everything from the decor to the bride and groom’s attire and commenting upon how the arrangements could have been better !!  For the past few days I’ve worked from home..when I told an aunt of mine this, she retorted this was something only ayahs did in the past !! I was too dumbstruck to gather myself and comeback with a witty/ snappy enough response. With time I’ve learnt though we can’t choose our relatives, we can certainly choose how we respond to them.. Just ignore the ones who leave a sting and relate with the ones who are spontaneous and warm. A friend of mine told me how she had to grapple with ” When are you getting married,its high time !!” They almost stopped short of telling her she’s on the shelf.. Then there was another friend whose grandmother kept telling her she had to “improve her complexion ” to find a suitable match !!

 Such instances and more, make me feel that the perfect Indian family that stays together and stands by each other through thick and thin exists only in  Suraj Barjataya’s flicks !! (which has people who are unbelievably good and sacrificing ) Perhaps I’m being too harsh.. and jumping to too many conclusions.  You might think otherwise.. if yes do share your take on the dynamics of the grand Indian family !!

7 thoughts on “Of Relative Matters

  1. I cannot stop laughing while reading this 🙂 i find it really weird!! When would they grow beyond this?

    Shabnam, I have my doubts if they would ever grow beyond this !!

  2. I have relatives who need to be put on a mantle!
    their asshole-ness never ceases to surprise me!!
    (sorry for the curse words!!) This post caught many a nerve!

    Very well said though! 🙂

    Hey Pixie I know exactly what you mean !!

  3. I so reflect your mind when it comes to the wedding scenario and relatives who don’t relate to you in any way. I just choose to ignore and stay away from them. But mostly your and my parents will eternally be scared of them, and it is this which gets my nerves.

  4. good one… knowing this after experience is the first step to being responsible in future…
    btw on the shelf was the best part !

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