10 things for 2010-

As the new year dawns, I just want to start by jotting a few things I’d like to follow. or learn this year..( Resolutions are not for laid back souls like me !!).  Even though I am writing these down, I have serious doubts whether my noble intentions would translate into action !!

– Think before I speak, at times I have a knack of putting my foot in my mouth.This has put me in the most embarrassing of situations…

– To stop postponing things for tomorrow..I must have perfected the art of procrastination, now its time I gave it up. or at least made a genuine attempt to do so.

– Learn to cook a decent meal, I’ve spent the first quarter of my life gorging on my mom’s cooking or depending on ready to eat meals or salivating at the sight of fare at restaurants.. I hope  to rustle up meals ( which are edible enough!!)

– I would also like to read more books. I’ve been a bibliophile all these years, but recently I just haven’t been able to find enough time to dig into books.I hope to revive this habit in 2010.I also hope to make some sense when i write ( which I don’t most of the times :lol:)

– I’ve developed a very sharp temper..hopefully I’ll learn to rein it this year.( I better learn before it gets me into trouble)

– I need to learn to listen more carefully and that too without jumping to conclusions.This is going to take a lot of practice and a herculean effort from my end.

– I hope I finally start exercising more often  and for a greater duration and shed some flab. Let’s be realistic with this one with my broad frame  I can’t be a size zero but I can definitely hope to shed a few kilos

– Now that I’m going to tie the knot and set roots I need to stop regressing and throwing tantrums..I have no excuses any more for not growing up. Sigh. I sometimes marvel at how well my family tackles  me when I’m being a real sour puss.

– I am finally going to learn how to save instead of shopping away to glory as if I was born an heiress.( which I am not by any stretch of imagination)I can be such a shopaholic, especially when I’m feeling blue !! I’ll have to deal with this even if it means seeking therapy for being an incorrigible shopaholic …

– I am going to learn ask for what I want in a more direct manner.. sometimes I just keep beating around the bush whilst the opportunity just flies by !!

Phew !! Will I ever get all of these done. More than my goals, this seems like a wish-list which I’d like to fulfill.Let’s wait and watch ,if not this year ..then perhaps the next or even after that !! There I go again, the procrastinator in me just refuses to get more proactive !! But I’ll keep trying anyways 🙄

4 thoughts on “10 things for 2010-

  1. nice ones! 🙂

    I hope to save more too, and stop throwing tantrums as well!! :mrgreen: and get back to exercising! So many common goals! 😀 😀

    You getting married? Super cool! CONGRATULATIONS! Then, 2010 is going to be extra special! 🙂 🙂

    Hi Pixie, how are you ? This is interesting ( our common goals) We could keep reminding each other, so that we’re able to achieve them. And thanks a lot for your wishes I’m getting hitched exactly a fortnight from now

  2. Cool one! In fact, some of them now I realise I should myself work upon them 😉 anyway congrats as I can see wedding bells ringing han 🙂 !!!!!!! I wish you all the best in life…!!

    Keep writing 🙂

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