Three Idiots

3 idiots.. Raj Kumar Hirani has perfected the art of using humour to make comments on the flaws and loopholes in our system. If Munnabhai was a comment on how medicine has become such a mechanical profession, his latest directorial venture is a comment on our education system; which thrives on rote learning and with sole emphasis on marks and not learning..Loosely based on Chetan Bhagat’s debut novel “Five Point Someone” , the film has made departures from the novel, that too interesting ones. With Amir Khan aka Rancho lighting up the screen with his ingenuity and spark, the film is interspersed with humour and emotion a characteristic Raj Kumar Hirani style. With Sharman Joshi and R Madhavan putting in commendable performances, the movie is a breeze in the first half, the only hiccup is  a tad too long second half when the pace slackens a little.  The movie is an absolute delight when it comes to music. It features a galaxy of beautiful songs shot in great locations. What strikes you about the movie is how smoothly the flashback events transition into the present. It is no extra-ordinary affair but is a simple, straight from the heart  feel good film that can be an eye opener for all those people who’ve gone through life mugging up everything without delving into the meaning .On the whole it’s worth a watch for the way the director weaves an engrossing tale around how if you pursue excellence , success will follow suit 🙂

2 thoughts on “Three Idiots

  1. Getting all positive reviews of this flick!!! 🙂 Reallllly wanna watch this now!!!!

    Thanks for adding ur inputs too!!
    You’re most welcome Shabnam , hope you enjoy the film . cheers

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