Of holding on and letting go….

Hold on to love tenderness and care

Let go of anger, fear and despair

Hold on to people who people stand through thick and thin

Let go of those who are fair weather friends and kin

Hold on to memories that ring with laughter and bring a smile

Let go of all that resentment, don’t carry it another mile

Hold on to all that brings peace to the soul

Let go of all that stopped you from feeling whole

Hold on to values which make you feel true
Let go of all that ever made you feel blue.

Just a way of sorting out in my very obfuscated mind what in life do  I need to keep and what all do I need to let go off : all that holds me back from being who I want to be. The year that was, taught me valuable lessons, but there is still a lot to learn from life.. It goes on, in between it helps to pause and mull over where one is going .It’s time to start sifting things in my head and clear the mind of all clutter to greet yet another year of my life with renewed fervour and enthusiasm, to embrace with open arms all that life brings my way.. One thing I really need to learn is accepting people and situations as they are…

5 thoughts on “Of holding on and letting go….

  1. Very well written 🙂 !! May you accomplish all that you desire, in the coming years and throughout!! & I agree wid ur points we have our own setbacks but still we hv so much to learn in this life!!!

    Aww thank you so much Shabnam..btw love your domain name…may all your dreams turn into reality Cheers 🙂

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