As the year ends….

End of the year …What does it mean to you ? For me it’s time to mull over the countless resolutions I broke or chose to ignore..The end of the year also gives me an excuse to indulge my sweet tooth especially plum-cake before Christmas, my mouth starts watering at the very thought of it By the way a sweet tooth is quite an understatement in my case  a sweet jaw is more like it :). It is also time to watch all the Santa movies on HBO & Star Movies – I can never quite get enough of these.Yesterday they were playing an interesting one on HBO : Fred Claus : I’d give it a sure shot thumbs up.. All the festivities in the air give you an excuse to sit over work for a longer time ( What a boon !)  It also means more sleep, spending time with family and nibbling bars of chocolate, sip hot cups of cocoa..Ahh the joys of winter and in particular the holiday season.

On a more staid note it is also time to take stock of the year that was. and brace up and make my wishlist for the year to come.. (I’ve stopped making resolutions cause they break the very second day !) What does the end of the year mean to you ?

One thought on “As the year ends….

  1. grow, progress, learn, evolve….
    I want to include the above in all my activities 😀

    Wish karo…..Thoda aur wish karo… 😉

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