Complacency personified

Is it such blasphemy being content and laid back ? Is it a necessity to be a part of the rat race and keep jumping from one job to another for a fatter pay packet and a plum position ? Is it more important to be happy and do the things you love doing rather than sacrifice yourself to a 25 hour a day job where you work round the clock and have little energy or enthusiasm left for much else..  Seeing people run to climb the corporate ladder.. I sit back and watch and wonder, why do I lack this cutting edge ambition..where is that killer instinct.? I tried hard searching for it ..but alas found no traces. Would I be happier if I shed my complacency ? I am an excellent spectator I can watch people and life for hours together soaking it in…but I am yet to see any traits of a performer.. and that is what one needs to be  A ‘success’ in the corporate jungle.. You’ve got to be aggressive, mouth impressive jargon and play to the gallery…Would I ever be able to turn into someone like that ?? Despite attempts which are rather feeble I am yet not quite there…

6 thoughts on “Complacency personified

  1. yea?
    Me too…

    I am ambitious and do want to succeed, but, I lack that cutting edge, dirty ambition to climb on top of the so-called ladder…

    I like to work at my pace… happiness and contentment and/or liking of my work are more important to me

    I know what you mean Pixie

  2. is gauri khan as ambitious as her husband ? or more there for the social dos…..and dont we loose out on our senstivity ,our politeness in this corporate jungle ? dont we loose out on our relatives ? dont we loose out on healthy eating with that ambition fire burning inside ? our childhood basic desposition changes and we are just striving to be aggressive ,tactful , diplomatic to survive the mad race…..we are always short on family time in this corporate world……

    Hi Shivani,welcome here !! I agree the corporate world is really a crazy place to work in .Erratic hours and barely time to breathe

  3. “I am an excellent spectator I can watch people and life for hours together soaking it in” – thatz so much like me 🙂

    On the post, even i dont belong to that world…I believe anything in excess is bad. There should always be a balance, a right chord for everything!!! Likewise, nothing else is worthwhile at the cost of happines!

    Totally nothing like being able to strike a harmonious balance

  4. I often wonder about the “live-to-work” rather than the “work-to-live” ethic – I see it myself, sometimes berating myself for not taking part as much as I could, but understanding that I couldn’t anyway – I’m just not wired in the way that some others are.

    As I get older I worry less about it… someone from another company that I was working with for a while put it neatly into perspective for me. I was working in a small team (4 of us plus this other company guy), with two real go-getters, myself, and an IT person who really just did as we asked 🙂 Anyway, this guy (from the other company) told me over a drink one evening, that we worked really well together because the two ‘go-getters’ would sometimes competitively and aggressively bang ideas off each-other, but while they were arguing, I was listening, silently thinking about what the best options were, and summarising and selecting the best of what they had, adding my own tuppence worth, and ditching the worst stuff. In the end, my summary would invariably go forward, an amalgamation of their ideas and my enhancements.

    You can do a lot as a people watcher, sometimes these ‘go-getters’ need help from someone a little more grounded *nods*

    Happy New Year to you 🙂


  5. Hi Drew Welcome here 🙂 I couldn’t agree more..That is so true perhaps we all need to somewhere learn to strike a balance…the way you have with time between being out and out a go-getter and a people watcher.

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