Triumph Of The Human Spirit

Kudos to the human spirit which is indomitable.and it’s amazing abillity to bounce back from the worst of situations. We all go through life, sometimes stumble our way through it..make mistakes, make wrong choices..are down in the dumps.sometimes it is a ..heartbreak,losing a  job, bouncing back after a grave illness…We’ve all seen people rise from the ashes like the phoenix…It is nothing but resilience that helps people survive and thrive.Life always gives us a second chance provided we are willing to see it.. These setbacks and experiences shouldn’t leave us feeling trapped or less about ourselves instead they are signs that something better is waiting around the corner.. I remember a friend in college who would lament and cry over the number of failed relationships she had behind her..But the same girl today moved on and is a happy, much married girl .. Had she allowed her past to haunt her, would this have been possible ? We often cling and hold on to the past and judge ourselves too harshly over a failed relationship or job.. What we need to see was that each of these merely happened because we had a lesson to learn from that point in time.. We don’t need to carry these as albatrosses around our necks..The very fact we were able to tide over these trying times means we had to courage to go on… There is no use clinging to mistakes of the past,or worry over how we may handle what lies in the future. Lets just take each day as it comes and welcome it with open arms lets embrace all that life brings our way…

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