Of Drawing Boundaries

What is it that stops us from standing up for ourselves ? Why are we so scared of asking for something that is rightfully ours ? I’ve noticed this more among us women . We have no qualms about standing up for others, but when it comes to our own selves we seldom gather courage to speak up..Why don’t we draw boundaries around ourselves and not allow people around us to violate them.. Talking to a few friends and acquaintances gave me an insight into why we women react like this.Most of them thought drawing boundaries was akin to creating walls for them which they can’t dream of doing.. Others were of the view we women are taught to nurture relationships as a result we lump a lot whether at work or in our personal lives .. Why don’t we realise we’re doing nobody a favour with this sort of passive approach.If we don’t learn to stand up for ourselves who would .Where has this learned helplessness come from ? It’s obviously a lot to do with the way we are reared.. and a lot to do with stereotypes that are reinforced- Girls should be patient, shouldn’t be aggressive, they should be feminine and the onus is on them to keep a family together.If a girl is at the receiving end of eve-teasing , she must have invited it with her behaviour .Why is it in all these cases the onus is on the woman, the men seldom have any responsibility ( no wonder men in our society seldom grow up!). I wonder why no one says the same thing for men..Their anger is justified, their outbursts have a rationale..for them its ok to be angry…Are women superhuman beings? Why does our society make womankind carry the burden of such unrealistic and unhealthy expectations ..Women too have a right to express their anger and stand up for themselves…if only we could shed these sky-high expectations and treat women and men on an equal footing the world would be a better and brighter place

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