Why ?

Why do we always yearn for more ?

When it rains why does it always pour ?

Why do we keep wishing to grow-up first and then dread growing old ?

Why do we love doing things contrary to what we are told ?

Why does life throw our way that we fear and dread ?

Why  do we choose to leave what we feel with intensity unsaid ?

Why does life sometimes bless us with more than we deserve ?

Why does perseverance and patience heal the soul and preserve ?

Why do we learn only after we falter ?

Why do we first resist change and then be willing to alter ?

Why do we continue to hold on to the past ?

Why do we  refuse to slow down and then regret running so fast  ?

Why are we quick to judge, and slow to think ?

Why can’t we go back and rewrite our story in a different ink ?

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