A face in the crowd…

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot why we small town people get so fascinated by life in big cities… After living in Delhi for well over two years all the glamour and glitter of life in a metropolis has worn out.. It has its own pitfalls, this city life… You’re perpetually on the move and seldom have time for anything at all. You end up becoming a survivor, you also turn very skeptical about trusting people .. Do we then come to these luring cities to turn into aloof, cynical creatures.. There is much more to it..its not just the plethora of opportunities that open up to you..but there is this advantage of anonymity which liberates you and lets you be yourself . The familiarity and comfort of smaller cities at times gets a tad suffocating… But the anonymity that draws you at first can also turn into a deep sense of loneliness .. No wonder one reads of people succumbing to stress, becoming workaholics, entering relationships merely out of the fear of being alone…I guess we all love attention..so the romance of just being a mere face in the crowd doesn’t last too long

One thought on “A face in the crowd…

  1. Yes true . People who live in smaller cities/towns are really fascinated by the life of metropolitan cities. They think people of big cities truely enjoy their lives but they are highly mistaken .What you said is absolutely right about survival . We’re just struggling for survival in big cities.

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