Virtues Of Expansion

It is indeed tempting to fall into the self-pity trap when things at work or on the personal front go awry. But to take ownership is something that takes a great deal of courage.. Lately I’d noticed at work I was getting increasingly grumpy what with crazy deadlines and work piling up into a huge heap.. That is when i read an anecdote on the “virtue of expansion” It drove home the fact that when in trouble or pain what works best is to expand one’s perspective, enlarge one’s sense of things. Instead of magnifying the problem, it is wiser to see the niggling trouble in the larger scheme of things.. Not only does it seem more manageable but it also helps one get a grip over things better… I don’t mean to be preachy here ( I am hardly someone who has the right to preach) I’ve got a lot to learn myself !! Each experience , situation , bitter or sweet has something to teach.. At times the lesson is disguised or subtle but one just needs to watch little closely

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