Woes At Work

I’ve just learnt a very vital lesson.. Sometimes one needs to kill indecisiveness and chaos by taking a firm stand.. It might be a tough decision to make but at least it leaves you less muddle-headed and gives you sense of purpose..

For one don’t get taken in by assignments that seem very lucrative ,always read the fine print before giving your nod. In all probability you’re being asked to work since the assignment needs a scapegoat !!

The reward for hard work is always more work..so work less and stay less hassled.

Don’t be over committed and too sincere to your work…it helps to be a smart worker rather than a slogger…

More than homilies these are mere observations.. I always manage to get into situations from where I learn to pick up “lessons for life”  Three years into the corporate world and I am still grappling to learn.. Wonder when will I turn into a smart cookie who can walk away with the laurels instead of slogging laboriously and still earning flak…I guess we all learn with time…I wonder why do I take much more time to learn than most people :wonder:

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